LD Super Slims Violet

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Price is per 1 carton
One carton = 10 packs
One pack = 20 cigarettes

LD Super Slims Violet cigarette pack is purple and white in color – thick enough. Cigarettes have an elongated format, 10 cm long. Have the aroma of high quality tobacco. The charcoal filter retains most of the tar, has an air chamber to cool the smoke, at the end of smoking it heats up and becomes soft.

There is no flavoring button. The smoke is pleasant without a pungent flavor, in the beginning it is bitter. The tobacco blend of the three types of tobacco (Virginia, Berley and oriental) gives a slight chocolate bitterness and a sweet aftertaste.

The filling of the cigarettes is dense. They smolder quite slowly, prolonging the smoking time.

Tar content: 5 mg, Nicotine content: 0.5 mg

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