ESSE Secret

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Price is per 1 carton
One carton = 10 packs
One pack = 20 cigarettes

A variety of flavors in one packet is what attracts the eyes of sophisticated smokers of this type of cigarette. Five different colored circles and a question mark appear on the packet. Each circle corresponds to a different flavor. There are no marks on the cigarettes themselves, so the consumer will be surprised: what flavor product he smoked this time

Green corresponds to menthol and eucalyptus. Purple is the freshness of mint and blue is lime and mint. Yellow and red are fruity and berry flavors.

Cigarettes are easy to pull, do not bitter, leave a pleasant aftertaste, burn evenly. The smell of tobacco smoke is barely detectable, does not remain on clothing and hair.

Each cigarette contains 4 mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine and has a light taste that leaves a great aftertaste in the back of your mouth.

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