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From the history of cigarette brands: Vanity Fair and Vogue.

The Vanity Fair brand was founded back in 1895 by the Stephano family, but only by the early 1950s did the brand become exclusively for cigarettes. By that time, the descendants of the founders created the company Stephano Brothers Ltd. Vanity Fair was a ladies’ brand, it came in pastel pink and pastel blue packs, by the way the cigarettes were colored according to the color of the pack.

It was thanks to Stephano Brothers that another brand that is still popular today, Vogue, saw the light of day. Vogue was the most expensive brand in the Stephano Brothers package.

In December 1960, Stephano Brothers merged with a larger company, the U. S. Tobacco Company. At the same time the Vanity Fair brand ceased to exist, or rather it was renamed Vogue Colors.

By the end of the 1990s, the U. S. Tobacco Company came under the wing of British American Tobacco. The Vogue brand is still produced almost all over the world. It is worth saying that despite the global production, the output of these cigarettes may differ. So only in Canada Vogue is produced in the original design and without filter and only South Korean version has carbon filter.