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How to get rid of the smell of tobacco

The most effective ways to get rid of the smell of tobacco smoke in the home

The smell of tobacco smoke, no matter how noble the tobacco, is hardly pleasant. And even more so the stench of cigarettes is a real pleasure. How to quickly get rid of the apartment from this “smell” and do without cosmetic repairs I will tell in this review.

In general, the first thing that many people will think of, on the subject of interrupting the smell of tobacco in the apartment – are some scented candles or Indian incense. They will really help to solve the problem quickly, but it is a temporary phenomenon, the sandalwood will be weathered in an hour or two, but the tobaccos will remain. It is a very persistent smell that is not easy to get rid of. Although…

If you boil water with a little vinegar in a medium-sized pot, the steam will “take out” not only the tobacco “aromas” from the kitchen, but also any accompanying ordinary cooking. When the water cools, you can even wipe the floor with this solution. So to speak, to guarantee.

A common charcoal is a good way to clean the air in the apartment. Just 300 grams of charcoal for a charcoal grill can remove unpleasant odors from an area of 40 square meters. Only containers with charcoal should be evenly distributed throughout the apartment or, on the contrary, concentrated near places that particularly absorb aromas – carpet, curtains, upholstered furniture.

If there is no charcoal, then ordinary table salt works in a very similar way. Everyone has salt in the house. Even better method with salt will work if the apartment has a high level of humidity.

You can get rid of tobacco smell more or less quickly by using wet towels on heating radiators, doors and anything else you can hang them on. How long you have to wash them depends on how old the smell is in the apartment. In the clinical case of long years of smoking in the confined space of an urban dwelling, towels are likely to be easier to throw away than to restore them to their pristine appearance.

Curtains, carpets, upholstered furniture smell smoke very well and to get rid of this fragrance is easiest with laundry or general cleaning. The result will be better if you add to the cleaner special antitobacco conditioner, which can be purchased in major stores selling household chemicals.

I hope the post was not useless for you)) By the way, what other ways to get rid of the smell of tobacco smoke in the apartment?