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From the history of cigarette brands: Dunhill.

From the history of cigarette brands: Dunhill.

The history of Dunhill as a cigarette brand begins in 1908. In the Dunhill stores there was a novelty — the first cigarettes in the world with a cotton filter. But they were not called Dunhill at all, but Absorbal and were positioned as “the most harmless” cigarettes.

Cigarettes didn’t get the name Dunhill until 1939, when Philip Morris USA got the rights to produce the brand’s cigarettes.
By the way, few people know, but Dunhill and Dunhill International are two different types, the first being of higher quality. Dunhill International has always been positioned as “above average quality” and just Dunhill “premium quality”. And they have different manufacturers, Dunhill was produced by British American Tobacco and Dunhill International by Philip Morris USA.

The brand is still present on the market, occupying the first ranks among the premium brands. Like many long-lived brands it has undergone more than one wave of redesign. Now it is no longer the Dunhill of the 80’s in a pompous golden tutu, but a restrained and elegant brand.

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