Dunhill Ruby Aroma

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One pack = 20 cigarettes

Dunhill Ruby Aroma is another line of premium cigarettes from British cigarette manufacturer Dunhill.

Format: Short cigarettes (85 mm) in a stylish pack of 20 pieces, the design of which emphasizes the high quality and prestige of the product.

Distinctive features: DUNHILL RUBY AROMA differs from other cigarettes by its special flavor and aroma, which are achieved by using high-quality tobacco leaves and adding natural flavorings.

Strength: Medium strength, providing a pleasant sense of richness and harmonious flavor.

Flavour: Dunhill Aroma Red has a soft and harmonious taste with light notes of cherry, vanilla and caramel. This makes them attractive to those seeking a variety of flavors.

Raw material: Cigarettes are made of carefully selected and blended premium quality tobacco from different plantations around the world, providing a rich and full flavor.

Aroma: Dunhill Aroma Red is mild and pleasant, with subtle hints of fruit and caramel. Smoking Speed: Cigarettes are smoked slowly, allowing you to enjoy every puff and fully experience their flavor palette.

Each cigarette contains 5 mg of tar and 0.6 mg of nicotine.

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