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You can hear it from those who already used CigsSpot.com

This is the first time I have to deal with bitcoin and after a bit of search it’s really easy to use . I ordered several times on Cigsspot and I fully trust this website . I always have someone to answer to my questions really fast , even when I had a problem I rapidly found an issue with the support . Moreover the delivery delay until they send the package to their post is really short . Once the package arrive I was really surprised of the quality of the Cigarettes I ordered cause I wasn’t able to tell the difference between the Cigs here in france and the ones I bought here .
In sum this is a really trustable website with good products and a support on point .


Actually i was surprised with the quality of that fine cigarette i received from you and am so glad i was able to find your website,

customer support is perfect so far as it was a quick reply when i received my first order and asking about the other two box which been sent in separate shipment,

and yes definitely i will be recommending your website to my friends. It was a grate experience


I ordered Marlboro golds and couldn’t tell the difference between ones sold here in the UK. The cigs were relatively new as well.
I received prompt answers to any queries I had which was useful and the customer support was very good in general.

  • Was the product You received of a good quality?
  • Malboro Red & Gold are good quality


  • Was the customer support nice to You and answered all your questions?
  • Always helped when need


  • Would you recommend this to Your friends?
  • All friends & family know about your shop!

  P. K.

I’ve bought cigarettes online (in particular Galouises) in the past and I stopped because of the quality. They were usually very stale and the tobacco extremely dry!
I found Cigspot through a subreddit and decided to give it one more shot. If it wasn’t for reddit, I wouldn’t have done it. So, the reason why I continue to purchase from Cigspot, is primarily for the galouises and the quality. When I don’t have Galouises, I smoke camels and continued to buy from cigspot because you guys develiver a fresh batch all the time.

The CS has been excellent and it’s mainly been through you. I very much appreciate the quick response time and the courtesy.

I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone who asks about buying cigarettes in bulk.


I’m generally satisfied with the quality and the service that you provide and would recommend your site to the friends.

Comparing with experience that I had with other companies your company provide much better experience and it is pleasure to deal with.

  • Was the product that you received of a good quality
  • Absolutely Yes and even my friends told me the taste is unique compare to

  • Was the costumer support nice to you and answer all the question…?
  • Yes they are to be honest with  you before im purchasing cigs on this site i had more than a week’s searching to find out which is the online cigs store the best, cheap ,and legit ..not only that im just looking also feedback from other costumers who have experienced buying online cigs store  but this site cigspot.com are recommended. Aside from that all my question you answered me immediately. that’s why this site is my number one choice!!

  • Would you recommend this to your friends?
  • Of course that’s a reason why i have many times ordering from you it’s because all my friends are really like the taste .and quality. not only my friends .. I will post and recommend this site cigspot.com on customers review so those people looking legit online cigs they were not hesitate to contact you..


Overall, the product was of a good quality. However, I could certainly notice the difference between the taste of the same brand but coming from a different country. I usually smoke Lucky Strike, but the Lucky Strike I received tasted certainly different. At the moment, I switched to Red Marlboro, which is perfectly fine.

I always received swift and kind answers to all my questions. When I asked, for example, for a custom order to try different brands, this was executed really quickly. Great staff!

I definitely would recommend this to my friends, and I have indeed done it already. Most relevant comments from friends who have tried your cigarettes from me were with respect to concerns about the originality of the product, and whether this could be potentially more harmful in health terms.


Your Marlboro Gold aren’t the same in my country. They have a firm filter using activated charcoal therefore they taste better than those in my country.

I never really had any problem with your service. The first and only time I contacted your customer support, it was really fast and it answered well to my questions.