Captain Black Cherise

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Price is per 1 carton
One carton = 10 packs
One pack = 20 cigarettes

Cigarettes are supplied in a traditional for the brand soft pack for twenty king size 100’s cigarettes

Each cigarette contains 14 mg of tar and 1.2 mg of nicotine and has a luxurious velvety aroma with a bit of tartness.

Captain Black Cherise are medium-bodied mini-cigars with an intense cherry aroma and a similar finish. This is the best option for lovers of rich tobacco smoke, and at the same time – a sweetish aftertaste. When smoked, a pleasant mixture of tobacco and cherry aromas is formed, while the fruity taste does not have any notes of “chemistry”. The filter is processed with a sweet composition.

The American company British American Tobacco established once the production of these cigarettes, but now the rights to manufacture the brand belong to the Scandinavian Tobacco Group and production is concentrated mainly in Europe.

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