Allure SS Menthol

$ 46.79

Allure SS Menthol

$ 46.79

Price is per 1 carton
One carton = 10 packs
One pack = 20 cigarettes


Cigarettes from a well-known German manufacturer. After the king-size “shots” of the premium Dimitrino and Springwater brands and the mid-priced Pepe, the company decided to launch a new cigarette in a slim format, the Allure, an upper-price segment cigarette.

Stylish hard pack with metallized pattern and small name in the upper right corner of the pack. Cigarettes are made without additives, as the inscription on the package says

Each cigarette contains 7 mg of tar and 0.6 mg of nicotine and has a light taste that leaves a great aftertaste in the back of your mouth.

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