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CigsSpot Club Membership Rules

When a new client becomes a member of the CigsSpot club he gets a number of privileges, the right to participate in club programs and prize draws. Membership in the CigsSpot Club lasts at least one year from the date of registration of the application for membership and is automatically renewed at the end of the club year. To remain a member of the CigsSpot Club it is necessary to make purchases at least 4 times a month. Only one representative of the family who lives at the same address can be a member of the CigsSpot Club.

Protection of personal information

The CigsSpot Club informs you that your personal data (name, date of birth, address, contact phone numbers, e-mail) provided when signing the application for membership in the CigsSpot Club or received as a result of your participation in promotions and competitions from the CigsSpot Club, can be used for the business activities of the enterprise, including for marketing purposes (sending of magazines, newsletters, fulfillment of your orders, etc.) in case we have your permission to process them. Your personal data provided to the CigsSpot Club is strictly confidential information, not to be disclosed and passed on to third parties.

Required monthly orders

Monthly orders must be made from the first to the last day of each month. If no orders are made in this period, a letter will be sent to the member of the CigsSpot Club informing him that he is excluded from the club members and loses all privileges.

Savings system

With every 10th purchased carton a member of the club gets a 1% discount. The maximum discount is 15%. Accumulation happens automatically and members of the club will be sent special discount codes available strictly for personal use. A member of the CigsSpot Club can also find out about all the benefits granted to him by contacting support team. The privilege doesn’t apply to the additional charges for Express Shipping and transmission of goods.

Procedure of prize drawing

When making orders during the specified period of time, club members participate in the prize draw. Each purchased carton gives you a chance to win. The more purchases you make – the more chances of winning. The prize drawing is held every six months. All winners are notified of their winnings by mail.

Refusal from membership in the CigsSpot Club

In order to terminate your membership in the CigsSpot Club you can inform us about this at any time and we will take corresponding measures. If you haven’t fulfilled the obligation for a monthly purchase you will also be automatically excluded from the club. In case of interruption of membership, a person will no longer be able to take advantage of all the privileges of a member of the club and the accumulated discount.

Benefits of membership in the CigsSpot Club

  • When a new product appears on the site, we send you a free sample to try it;
  • You can participate in prize draws every six months;
  • There is a savings system for you;
  • Your orders are given special attention;
  • As a member of the club you will receive gifts and souvenirs from

Confidentiality and protection of personal information of Clients of CigsSpot Club

The CigsSpot Company and the CigsSpot Club attach great importance to the quality of the goods sold and to the customer service. We also care about the protection of our clients’ personal data.

When signing an application for membership in the Club each member of the Club agrees to collection, processing and use of the personal data provided by the Club for marketing purposes. Participation in competitions and promotions from the Club implies the consent of a member of the Club to use the received personal data for marketing purposes.

The CigsSpot Club uses your personal information to send the Club’s information proposals. Information about your personal data is not transferred to other companies and organizations under any circumstances.

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