Monte Carlo cigarettes history.

Monte Carlo cigarettes are manufactured by R.J. Reynolds (as part of the JTI holding). The production of this brand of cigarettes is concentrated in Japan. The hard work of the Japanese experts gave excellent results, creating a taste worthy of you. Monte Carlo has sprung into immediate popularity and courageously conquers the tops of sales, systematically gaining the loyalty of smokers in different parts of the world, regardless of their financial situation.

Each Monte Carlo cigarette contains the world’s most popular smoking tobacco – Burley, Oriental and Virginia. It should be noted that the taste is also up to the mark: in the manufacturing process is used well-dried selected tobacco with excellent smoking qualities.

These cigarettes contain a fair amount of nicotine and tar, which makes them very strong, and their taste – rich and expressive. This blend is primarily suitable for experienced smokers who prefer one classic cigarette to two newfangled “slims”. With each drag, there is a tart flavor of tobacco, and on exhalation a lot of aromatic smoke with a dense bluish fog is formed.

Here you can find Monte Carlo cigarettes created in the classical style and possessing a well recognizable taste:

If you are going to smoke, then why not try one of the best brands in the tobacco industry to date? With Monte Carlo cigarettes you can enjoy high quality tobacco for a small price. This brand is very affordable and is one of the best choices that you can make to satisfy your nicotine need.